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About Manny Pacquiao...and his shoes

Manny Pacquiao is the greatest pound for pound boxer in the world today. The boxing world has watched Manny completely dominate opponent after opponent, cementing his legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Pacquiao fans everywhere are looking for ways to show off their support for the legendary Filipino boxer. What better way to represent than by wearing a pair of eye-catching Pacquiao shoes?

Manny Pacquiao signature Nike trainer shoesThe exciting Filipino fighter is sponsored by none other than the Nike brand. He signed his first contract with the shoe company in 2006. For several years now Nike has released many different amazing signature Pacquiao shoes. Just like Kobe "The Black Mamba" Bryant and Lebron "The King" James have their own glamorous line of Nike shoes, now you can add a Pinoy called Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao to the list of athletes with their own signature top-of-the-line Nike shoes.

Manny is more than an athlete (and he is one of the greatest athletes of our generation!); he is a phenomena, representing the very best of the Filipino strength, spirit, and culture. Nike certainly took these qualities into account into their shoe designs. You can see several Filipino cultural symbols and even Tagalog written on the shoes and shoebox.

If you are a true fan, you must own at least one pair of Pacquiao shoes. How often does a Pinoy have his own sneaker line?! No doubt these beautiful kicks will become rare collector's items in a few years.

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